Freaking the Mundanes Department: 3YC Does "Dragonheart"-

Tuesday even, approximately 20 good gentles traveled to the far reaches of Hazel Dell Cinema for the unique experience of viewing the new movie "Dragonheart." They went attired in the their finest garb with courtly manners firmly in place. No one warned the theatre they were coming.

Upon arriving and purchasing their tickets, the gentles informed the young ticket seller "there are more of us on the way." His reply: "I was afraid of that." He directed them to the side of the lobby with, "They're all over there," then took a step backward. Those 20 SCAers shared the auditorium with 10 moderns who appeared somewhat in awe but nevertheless stayed for the movie.

It was all done in good fun, however, and everyone, both SCA and modern, left the theatre richer for it.

By the way, the movie was great fun! The soundtrack was well done and special effects marvelous. The story was a simple one of good triumphs over evil after much battle and great sacrifice, worth the price of admission.

One final comment - I want a dragon just like the one in the movie!

- Margaret of Huntingdon, House Orion
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