From The Daily Progress- "Overheard at 3YC"

Overheard or Once 'Upon a Brugel Painting':
Out at the end of the world - Lady to Lord (pausing during hay raking) - "I didn't join the SCA to become a field hand."
Half a block away - Lord to Lady (also pausing to rest) - "Peasants' Revolt, Anyone?"
10 minutes later - Herald to a busy, dusty populace - "Oh, Hay! Oh, Hay!"
-All of the above from an anonymous West subject.

Upon reading the announcement for the Outlandish Bear Pit, a gentle exclaimed, "Chivalry a major factor!?! I thought the point of a bear pit is: You're the toast, and all we need to do is figure out which side to butter!"

The moon was high, the stars were out, and a young couple were stepping briskly toward camp. She turns to him and asks sweetly: "Oh milord, I almost forgot - Do you like rats?"

Overheard at the bottom of the South encampment by Ravenstream as a troop marched down and then back in formation and chant, "Wait a minute! Who's leading us?"

Heard at the Corboli Class: "Ragnar, this is for armor, not to eat it!"

"This is really medieval! Yesterday we pillaged a peasant's milch cow. Last night we feasted and boiled the hide. Today we have new armor!"

Overheard at 3YC :
"I have a Ducal Waiver"-
Translation: "I don't have to fight dukes....I have a note!"
-Heard by Lady Shandeil Germain

I was at the rapier tavern, when Her Royal Majesty, Queen Anna admired my pouch. She came over to look at it.
Wanting to make sure I didn't turn away, she said, "Are you my subject? Can I command you?"

When sent to fetch benches for the Tournament of Kings, the volunteers were asked to choose between the two bench styles.
"Shall we have them feel regal or childish?"
"Childish!!" was the spontaneous and unanimous reply from the assembled crowd. Hence the benches.

Overheard at 3YC :
His Majesty of Trimaris: "I'm a King. That don't mean I'm right."

"There it goes again! My reputation is having more fun than I am."

As the Redstone men left the encampment yelling " Stickball, stickball, ooh-ooh, stickball!," a Redstone lady was heard to comment "And I thought only babies made men incomprehensible."

Child with a small wound near his eye after boffer-ing: "My shield backfired."

At the Tournament of Armies: "I've been bruised, battered, and bloodied. Loved every minute of it!"

"They've turned the streets into one-ways ... They ought to insist on going in the Order of Precedence - hay trucks after the Kings!

Heard after the departure of the Madrone War Elephant Thursday night:
"Your Excellency, what was their target? I'd like to know I was risking my life for something important!"

Several folks who rushed to the choir concert before dinner, descended on the food merchants in a mob after the concert.
Said a merchant, "Where are all these people coming from?" " Oh, don't you know," someone replied. "We're the after theatre crowd!" ---Ariel S. Cushag---

Overheard from a vehicle owner after hay collection: "The back of my truck looks like the scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz exploded inside it."

Overheard from a gentleman to a gentlewoman entering a dark privy: "Would you care for a light, my lady?"
Lady: "No, thank you, at my age I know where everything is."

Overheard in House Sleipnir Camp:
Young Lord (approaching from road): "Is this Diana Listmaker's camp?"
Camp member: "Yes, she's in the kitchen."
Diana (emerging from doing dishes): "Hello, I'm Diana; what can I do for you?"
Young Lord (gushing): "Oh, Mistress Diana, I just wanted to meet you and thank you for starting all this!"
Diana (reaching for dish towel): "Well, just let me wipe off my hand and you can kiss it."

Overheard at the Squire's Tourney on Saturday, from one fighter trying to get another fighter's attention: "Hey - hey you with the helmet ..."

From Tegan MacAndrew in her Celtic costuming class on Friday, a description of the three basic sizes of Scottish kilts: "Wee; not so wee; and muckin' huge!"

Overheard Friday afternoon: There's a masked ball tonight? But I didn't bring any costumes!

Heard on the Hay Pile: Two Ladies discussing the Court Ball: "Oh, but it was the Lord's costume I was drooling over!"
A passing lord said, "That's what I like to hear - a lovely, well-dressed lady drooling over a man's costume!"

One lady to another: "I heard the Blue Feather Revel was the place to be last night! I wish I could have been there!"

A group of SCAers went to Sir Denny's for breakfast. "Have you seen many of us this week?", a lady asked the waitress.
"Oh, yes," was the response. "You are all so nice and so courteous. It's a pleasure to have you here. We'll miss you!"

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