Getting Started

I want to run an event, where do I start?

What’s an Autocrat – I mean Event Steward

From AnTir Kingdom Law: The branch deputy seneschal assigned to a specific event and responsible for the administration and execution of that event.

What that means is an event steward is considered to be an officer of the sponsoring branch, (technically, a deputy of the seneschal). Officers are required by Corpora to hold memberships. As an officer, your membership provides you with additional insurance under the “officer and director” liability policy. An explanation of this policy can be found in the Insurance and the Event Steward Section of the Seneschal’s handbook.

Where do I start learning what to do?

Choosing to be an Event Steward – what should you think about before you volunteer
The Event Stewards Handbook – A primer for running local events in An Tir. Last updated April 2013
The Wyewood autocrat guide

It’s time to talk to people

Ask around your local area and see who has been an event steward recently. Take a few minutes to talk with as many people as you can find and ask them what their experience was like. What went well, what could have gone better, anything and everything you can think of that might be useful to know.

What’s next

It is a good idea to read all the Corporate, kingdom and branch level documentation related to running events. The more familiar you are with the rules, requirements, and deadlines associated with an event, the more successful, and less stressed you will be. If you have questions about anything, ask someone: preferably, your local seneschal.

Branch level documentation generally means your local barony and the document you’re looking for will probably be named “The Customary”.

I want to start reading! Take me to the Resources page.

Really? I’m in Charge?

Yes and no. There is a hierarchy of people you become attached to as an event steward and you will need to know who you have to answer to at the branch level. Understand your authority and the limitations of your authority regarding the event: If you have never been an event steward before, seek out an experienced steward in your area and ask them to mentor you for your first event. There are people out there who will help you succeed.

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