Postable rules of courtesy for events that will have new comers. Lady Kate the Candlemaker, Mistress Arlys o Gordon & HL Elewys of Finchingefeld

Adding event copy to the kingdom calendar Adding information and formatting it for your events link from the kingdom calendar. Baroness Khalja Khorkoi & HL Vivien NicUldoon

Cross Border Eventing You have people crossing the border to come to your event, what do they need to know? HL Sgt.Yeoman Gallant Colin Mackay of Balmaghie

Being a flexible autocrat Sometimes you just have to laugh about it… and have a contingency plan. HL Vivien NicUldoon

Coordinating Group Camping This is why we love Land Masters Mistress Ælfthryth il (Gwenliane Catharne)

Family Caps What is a family cap and why do we have them Mistress Brighid Ross

Ring Road village layout Mistress Ariel de Courtenay

How to Write and Invitation to Royalty A Mistress Yolande Chastellain

How to Host Royalty at Your Event An introduction to hosting royalty Mistress Olivia Visconti

Insurance A quick guide to what stewards need to know about event insurance Baroness Khalja Khorkoi

Is Someone A Member Mistress Yolande Chastellain

Kingdom of AnTir Conflict Zones How they work and how to tell if your event will be in conflict Event Calendar Deputies 2013

Large Event Staffing Big events need big staffs: Who you need and what they need to do Mistress Brighid Ross

New Comer Event Ideas Some fantastic ideas for making an event appealing to new comers Barwn James Llewellyn ap Gruffydd

On Site Success Kit Things to think about packing when you’re getting ready for your event. HL Vivien NicUldoon

Town Cry at Large Events Pointers for making town cry useful with as little wear and tear possible on your heralds.Master Finngall McKetterick