Curia Minutes

Links to Curia and Financial minutes with decisions and notes of particular interest for Stewards. Do not take these highlights as a replacement for attending the meetings or reading the full minutes.

Please Note: Curia and Financial meetings occur at all Kingdom events(generally on Sunday mornings) and are open to the populace. They are a great way to see what kingdom officers and kingdom event stewards do.

Curia and Financial Minutes are posted here:


12th Night Curia
   Kingdom Law has been updated – this includes changes to minimum site fees for kingdom events.
12th Night Financial
   Please submit any receipt as quickly as possible. The kingdom has much less available cash at any given time than in the past, and cannot accommodate these stacking up.
   There was a comprehensive discussion of raising Kingdom event rates – click the minutes link to see the full discussion.
   DECISION—The $5 increase will be implemented for adults making the minimum gate fee $20. Youth rates will be left at $10 and the family cap will be equivalent to two adults and two youth (typically $60). This required change in Kingdom Law which was announced at Ursalmas. The increase will be effective as of May Crown.


12th Night Curia
July Coronation Curia
   The new Kingdom Financial Policies have been approved by Society and will be posted on the Exchequer’s website shortly for all of the local officers to use.
   Throughout the Known World event attendance is down about 20%. The number of merchants is also lower as most now sell online where the profit margin is greater. Branches need to plan accordingly when selecting sites and creating budgets. They also need to make more assertive efforts to recruit and retain members in their area.
   Crown events should be cooperative efforts between multiple branches. Reach out to the small ones in less populated areas who have land available, and supply them with the manpower the larger urban branches have. Share supplies and expertise at event running, and mentor new team members. This can help individuals in diverse locations gain the experience to further their own journey in the SCA and possibly be recognized for awards.
   A representative of the event team is expected to be present and prepared to speak at every Curia meeting from the time their bid is accepted, until one meeting after the conclusion of their event.
May Crown Curia
   Laws must be read at an official event and published in the Crier in order to be official. (These changes were read in court the prior night.) Kingdom Law will no longer be mailed to members, but rather will exist as a PDF file on the Kingdom website. Any changes to the laws will be made to this document as soon as they become official. []
   Kingdom Protector competition (archery championship) will now be held at July Coronation instead of at September Crown.
   A Person responsible for family activities in a branch must have a check, as must all Youth Armored Combat marshals. If there are formal, scheduled family activities at an event (crafts, archery competition), then the individual leading that activity must also have a check. If youth are participating in general event activities with adults, then checks are not needed. (Examples: youth shooting at the archery range during open hours, teens participating in rapier and armored combat, youth running list cards.) Additional clarification will be coming from the Society.
   A Representative of the event team is expected to be present and prepared to speak at every Curia meeting from the time their bid is accepted until one meeting after the conclusion of their event.
   If Kingdom events submit their financial report within 30 days, then they keep 60% of the profits. If there are circumstances which mean that report must be late, then speak with the Exchequer to see if an extension can be granted. Otherwise late reports will result in a greater share of the profit going to the Kingdom, rather than remaining with the host branch.
September Crown Curia
   The Medical Authorization for Minors form needs to stay with the child at all times. It is only shown to gate staff, not left with them. Parents are encouraged to complete these forms prior to events. Copies can be obtained at
   Forms and instructions to run a Kingdom event are available under the Event Stewarding section of
   A representative of the event team is expected to speak at every Curia meeting from t?he time their bid is approved, until one meeting after their final report has been accepted by the Kingdom.
   After their Kingdom event, branches should use the Kingdom Event Report form under the Administrative section of the Forms website . This has space to easily record all of the required information.
12th Night Financial
July Coronation Financial
   The new Kingdom Financial Policies have been approved by Society and will be posted on the Exchequer’s website shortly for all of the local officers to use.
   Hotel room rates should be $95-100 a night in order to be acceptable for most SCA members. Event Stewards are encouraged to keep this in mind when looking for venues.
May Crown Financial
   Per the discussion at 12th night, the Kingdom can sponsor events such as An Tir / West War or the upcoming Kingdom Culinary event. However, in order to maintain a separation of duties, the kingdom Exchequer cannot be the responsible financial manager for those events, someone else must be appointed.
   ACCEPS – There are continuing issues with events receiving pre-registration lists and payments in a timely fashion. Please report these immediately to the Seneschal and Exchequer so that they can work out a solution with the company.
September Crown Financial


12th Night Curia
May Crown Curia
   A Branch holding an event on lands not within their own designated borders must receive written permission from the An Tir representative of those lands or sites before holding an event there.
   Written permission MUST be obtained to pursue those lands or sites for an event.
   A minimum of 10% (more if the hosting branch wishes) of all profits after expenses must be paid unto the resident branch where the event is held. If the resident branch assists in the event execution then larger event compensations should most certainly be negotiated between the branches.
   Violation of article V.A. para 2 shall put the violating party into abeyance in which all profits from the event will be forfeited to the Crown minus the 10% paid to the resident branch.
   All Scheduled youth activities must have two adults, unrelated to each other, at all times and the activity must stop if that number falls below the required 2. No policy, rule or law relieves parents or designated adults of their primary responsibility for the welfare and behavior of their children.
   All youth attending scheduled youth activities and classes will need to be accompanied by either a parent or designated adult (who is in possession of a properly completed minor Medical Waiver).
   Youths over the age of 12 will be allowed to attend youth activities without a parent or designated adult at the discretions of the teacher of the class or leader of the activity.
September Crown Curia
   Receipts must be submitted within 120 days or they will not be paid. They may be sent by email as PDF or photo files for a quick response, but the hard copies must also be received. Branches hosting a Crown level event must receive approval in advance if their expenses are going to change more than 10% from any budget item stated in their accepted bid.
   Branches hosting a Crown level event must file their final report within 30 days in order to retain part of the profits from that event. If there are extenuating circumstances, tell the Kingdom Exchequer immediately and an extension can be granted. (Recent examples include Acceps not sending pre-registration fees in a timely fashion, or the dispute the Shire of Midhaven had over the garbage bill for July Coronation
   Event Teams are reminded to consult with Kingdom Media deputy HL Floralyn before speaking with anyone from the media in order to get advice on how to make the best presentation.
September Crown Financial
   The one significant change is moving the language about admitting certain individuals to events free from Kingdom Law to the financial policy manual. Champions are already admitted for free to any event where their attendance is required, not solely Crown level events. Language will be added allowing them to be compensated for postage and other reasonable expenses related to their duties.
   A number of events have reported problems using the Acceps system, particularly in getting lists of pre-registered individuals and then the payments in a timely fashion. If this continues An Tir may look at another system
   Sponsoring Events: Per the Society Exchequer, events should be sponsored by a principality or branch, not the Kingdom. However, the Kingdom can provide money up front to a branch to host a Kingdom level event. Her Majesty and the Kingdom Seneschal disagree with this idea. Their chief example is that with so few branches stepping up to host Kingdom level events, the Kingdom needs the option of hosting the event themselves. An Tir –West War has also been hosted by the Kingdoms in recent years as the local branch is too small to do so. After further discussion the solution agreed upon is to create a joint committee with the Kingdom of the West to run the event, with its own dedicated bank account in that local area. (Chase is the best option.) This is how other inter-kingdom wars are run.
12th Night Financial
   Open discussion about minor children of Royals paying entrance at gates. Results in Financial Policy amendment regarding comp’d people at events in the kingdom. Change saying that minor children of Royals are also compensated their entrance fee at any event the Royals attend during their tenure.
   An Tir / West War follows the laws and policies of the hosting branch. Last year the Kingdom teamster was charged entrance fee. We need to work with the West Kingdom to take care of the differences.
   James talks about minimum entrance fees. Will be a change to Crown/Kingdom Event Policy