Classes taught for Ithra & at events-
encampment class (4 times) (woodworking and camping)
fibula class (twice) and pewter casting (3 times) (jewelry)
wool waulking (2 times) (textiles)
Introductory bodhran (2 times)
Introduction to Harp (3 times)

At 3M's A&S Night-
mead making
basic jewelry making
wire jewelry
pewter casting
beginning brewing
woodblock making and fabric printing
glass beadmaking

coordinated A&S classes at War College (1998-2000)
coordinated A&S classes at Kingdom A&S (2001)
has judged at 3M's and Stromgard's A&S competitions, Kingdom A&S, Triumphs of Oriana, Amergin's Revenge and Kingdom Bardic

was apprenticed to Mistress Isolde de la Vielle-a-Roue (1998-2003)
has 5 apprentices (Temair of Hawthorne, Ai'binn ingen Sena'in hui Ne'ill, Eala Llorcalon, Carith de Cuevas, and Dafne Fraser)

has played harp for 18 years, and has built 15 harps (including a solid-body electric) and repaired numerous others
won best instrumental at Amergin's Revenge (1999, 2001, 2002)
won best traditional poetry at Amergin's Revenge (2002)
competed in 1st An Tir Kingdom Bardic Championship (2003)

published the "Daily Progress" newspaper at Thirty Year Celebration (9 issues) (1996)
did the graphics for Kingdom web pages (1997)
Rivers Region web pages (1998-2000)
Barony of Three Mountains web page (1994-2011)
Kingdom Bardic website (2003-2005)
Sport of Kings website (2002-2011)
published most of 3M's site handouts and manuals
   (Directory, Customary, Sergeantry handbook, etc.) (1997-2001)
owner and webmaster of this domain, (2001-present)

Gwilym and Elizabeth's first court event (autocrat) (1999)
War College (autocrat) (2001)
registrar for Sport of Kings (2003)
Samhain (supervising autocrat) (2003)

Deputy Chronicler (3M) (1996-1997)
Chronicler (3M) (1997-1999)
Arts & Sciences (3M) (1999-2002)
Deputy to Royal Chamberlain (An Tir) (2000-2002)
Royal Chamberlain (An Tir) (2002-2004)
Laurel Council secretary (Rivers) (2004-2005)
Webminister (3M) (1994-2013)
Made Kingdom award medallions from 2004-2013, task now passed on to Dafne Fraser

Kingdom of An Tir:
Award of Arms (1997)
Goutte de Sang (service) (1998)
Jambe de Lion (arts) (2000)
Forget-me-not (Queen's Favor) (2002)
Sable Chime (Royal Favor for bardic arts) (2002)
Magistrae Ithra (2002)
Order of the Laurel (2003)
Throne Favor (2005)
Forget-me-not (2005)
Forget-me-not (2006)
Order of the Pelican (2006)
Forget-me-not (2006)
King's Favor (2007)
Forget-me-not (2007)
Forget-me-not (2007)
Court Baron (2011)
Forget-me-not (2011)
Sable Chime (2012)
Forget-me-not (2013)

Barony of Three Mountains:
Golden Torc (1997, 1999, 2002, 2007)
Ordo Aegis Honoris (courtesy and chivalry) (1998)
Crystal Rainbow (service) (2000)
Mountain Sun (arts) (2001)
Order of Three Mountains (long-term service) (2005)
Myrtle Leaf (persona development) (2006)
Trillium (Baroness' favor) (2006)
Pinecone (Baron's favor) (2006)

Sergeantry (3M):
Courtier (1998-2002)
Sergeant Emeritus (2003)

Barony of Stromgard:
Seamair (2005)

Kensho (1985-1989)
White Hart (1996-98)
Ulfredsheim (2000-present)

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