Conchobar Clarsair

Mistress Isolde speaks for me

Dame Mira (out of picture) is speaking for me

Isolde and Mira have put the belt on

Queen Groa with my medallion

Mistress Godytha lends me her circlet

King Davin puts the circlet on

I pledge my oath
My Laurel Ceremony
July Coronation, A.S. XXXVIII

The Order of the Laurel was called. Sir Ataias and Master Trahaearn were admitted to the Order. I was called into court. Ulfredsheim processed in from back and stopped. I continued on to the front and knelt before Their Majesties Davin and Groa.

Mistress Isolde and Dame Mira spoke for me, Isolde about bardic arts and Mira about metalworking and encampments. They put a belt of six colors on me, that Baroness Elfreda cardwove. In Ireland, a master bard was allowed to wear six colors, second only to the Ard Righ, the High King. I swore fealty to Their Majesties upon the Crown of State and They to me. Isolde passed her first Laurel medallion on to me, it was made by Duchess Hlutwige. Mistress Godytha lent me her circlet.

I then stepped to the center and prepared to swear an oath:
"I would beg a boon of Your Majesties. In the tradition of my house, I would swear an oath before You, the members of the Order and the populace."
Jarl Sir Ulfred brought up a mether of my mead.

"I stand before you now as a master of the clarseach, the harp. But what of the other skills that a true bard of the highest calling must possess? That of the filidh, the poet; the seannachaidh, the storyteller; the brehon, the wise counselor?"

"All these will I learn, though well it may take me to the end of my days. I will endeavor to teach all who seek, for knowledge is itself a living thing, and so it is carried through the ages. By doing so, the knowledge will live on, and I may serve the people, my peers and the Crown of An Tir."

The shout of "Witness!" went up from the crowd as I finished.

The scroll read:
"Tree of Life, in your shadow Our brightest dreams are made real. Axis of the world, whose roots drink from the abyss of instinct, whose boughs bear the fruits of civilization -science, letters, art- to partake is spiritual nourishment, to share is the impulse of life itself. In light of your creative endeavors and encouragement of others We, Davin and Groa, sovereign majesties of An Tir recognize you, Ollamh Conchobar, as a branch of this great tree and invite you into this council grove that is the Order of the Laurel and award you a patent of arms with the rights & responsibilities thereof. We charge you to consult with our herald and scribe for unique achievements. Done this 19th day of July, Anno Societatis 38, known as 2003 in the common era."

In the interest of speeding things up, Torvald Williamson's elevation happened next, then court was over and we did our greeting of the Order afterwards.