Here's the latest mockup, Plan B. We're trying to get this together for Estrella War this winter. It's supported by 2 center poles and a metal frame cone at the peak. There are perimeter poles around the outside. It's much more compact than a yurt when broken down, no big bundles of khana or rafter poles. This allows us to get it, our bed, my harp, our propane campfire and enough garb for a week into our car, without needing the trailer.

Our friends HL Tai Tjorkilsdatr and HL Gulanay Khazari made this tent last year. This is what it looked like at May Crown in Idaho, before the fabric paints smudged and ran. We'll be repainting it this fall to match the picture above.

Here's my original plan for a roundhouse. Someday, I might do this...
Several other folks have attempted this, and I am trying to come closer to the appearance of the Celtic original, both inside and out.

Above, what it would look like on the outside. The "thatch" is painted on canvas...

A floor plan, with framing details. This would be partially based on a yurt, with a modified "khana" (latticework) wall, but much steeper roof pitch, necessitating a stiffer roof framing, and an overhanging eave to the roof.

What it would look like inside.