Costumer's Guild Challenges
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In the style of period guilds, the Costumers Guild has a system of challenge levels achieved through testing and evaluation. There are four levels in the challenge process: Junior Student, Senior Student, Journeyman, and Scholar. Completion of a level conveys that rank within the Guild. The requirements for each level provide a structured learning experience and serve as benchmarks for levels of achievement in costuming. The Costumers Guild encourages all of its members to challenge themselves to improve the breadth, depth, and quality of their costume knowledge in this non-competitive environment.

Time and Location

The Guild holds challenges a minimum of two times per year. We typically hold challenges at Crown events. In addition, challenges may be held by request at other events such as Ithras, Baronial events, and A&S events. We publish the time and location of a challenge in a variety of ways including the Costumers Guild email, on the event's Web site, the Crier, the FTSO (Costumers Guild Newsletter), Costumers Guild Web site, and during the Costumers Guild meetings.

Judging of Challenge Entries

The judging panels are made up of Guild members who have already achieved the level you are challenging. If sufficient qualified members are not available for your level, outside experts will be included in the panel. If multiple entries are presented at the same event, the same panel of judges will view all entries.

Requirements for All Levels

Processes for All Levels

Level Emblems

The symbol of the Guild is a distaff Or. This symbol may be displayed as a pendant, pin, brooch, or other form as desired by members of the Guild with level emblem augmentations for those who have achieved ranks within the Guild. Augmentations of the Guild symbol are:

Members are responsible for obtaining their own badge, by either commissioning it or making it themselves. The Guild presents a gem once for each level attained. If a gem is lost, or you want to have more than one badge, you are responsible for obtaining the appropriate gems. Your badge and gems can be any size.

See the Appendices for a glossary of terms and other information.

Please contact the Challenges Coordinator if you have any questions.



Introduction | Junior Student | Senior Student | Journeyman | Scholar | Appendices