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I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday, so now it's time to look forward to 12th Night!

THE 12TH NIGHT COSTUME CONTEST IS FAST APPROACHING! The Kingdom Costumers' Guild is proud to once again sponsor its traditional COURT GARB contest at 12th Night, so put on your court-appropriate clothes and check out the action.

Our contests are open to everyone. To encourage participation by those at various levels of costuming skill, we currently have four categories: NOVICE, INTERMEDIATE, ADVANCED and EXPERT. There is a winner for each category. If a particular category has a large number of entrants, we may award a second place prize in that category as well.

The judges don't bite (well, not unless you *want* them to, anyway). We hope to see lots of new faces at the 12th Night Court Garb Contest (and lots of familiar ones as well). If you have any further questions, or would like to preview a copy of the judging form, the category descriptions, or the general rules prior to the contest, you can find them linked above. Entries are judged based on the full outfit, including undergarments and accessories and are also judged while being worn. Documentation is not required for entry, but it can significantly boost your score.

When and where - The contest will be on SATURDAY, and our schedule is quite flexible. The Costumer's Guild has been given the Rogue room most of the day. We plan to conclude by 5:00 PM in time for the Coronation. Time slots are 30 minutes each to discuss your entry with the judges and have a short question-and-answer session. Depending on the time of the Costumer's Guild meeting and the availabilities of judges, the number of slots available is still in flux.

Please PRE-REGISTER if you would like to enter. If you are unable to pre-register, please register on site no later than 10 AM Saturday to allow time for a judging schedule to be created, and judges to be wrangled as necessary. To pre-register (or volunteer as a judge), contact Mathea at . All time slots are subject to possible delay, if the judges or entrants get called to Court. I am also still seeking judges, and the more judges I get, the less time I need from my volunteers.

You can always contact Mathea if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. Contact can best be made by e-mail at .

Thank you for your interest,

Mathea Volpella da Perusia
Contest Coordinator,
Kingdom Costumer's Guild, AnTir