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Costumers' Guild Contests

Every year, the Guild hosts three competitions: Court Attire, Tourneywear, and Accessories. The competitions provide a clear focus, predictable due date, and an opportunity for everyone - members and non-members, masters and novices - to showcase what they are working on while receiving helpful feedback. Each contest traditionally follows the information below:

Categories & Criteria | Rules | Procedures | Judging Form
Note: the above files are all in PDF format

Check out our Facebook Group or the upcoming Kingdom Event's page for the most current contest information!

Court Attire - 12th Night Contest
Attire fit to be seen before the Queen! This competition looks at historical court and formalwear and considers the whole costume, from hat to hose.More info coming soon!

Tourneywear - September Crown Contest
"Tourney Garb" means garb that is sufficiently sturdy and practical for a camping event in An Tir. More info coming soon!

Accessories - May Crown or July Coronation Contest
More info coming soon!