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Costumers' Guild Contests

Every year, the Guild hosts three competitions: Court Attire, Tourneywear, and Accessories. The competitions provide a clear focus, predictable due date, and an opportunity for everyone - members and non-members, masters and novices - to showcase what they are working on while receiving helpful feedback. Each contest traditionally follows the information:

Categories & Criteria | Rules | Procedures | Judging Form
Note: the above files are all in PDF format

Check out our Facebook Group or the upcoming Kingdom Event's page for the most current contest information!

Court Attire - 12th Night Competition
Court-appropriate clothes and check out the action. More info coming soon!

Tourneywear - September Crown
"Tourney Garb" means garb that is sufficiently sturdy and practical for a camping event in An Tir. More info coming soon!

Accessories - May Crown or July Coronation
More info coming soon!