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Welcome to the Costumer's Guild
A Lord and a Lady

The purpose of the An Tir Costumers Guild is to promote the art of historical costuming within the Kingdom, including clothing, accessories and textiles-- essentially, "from the skin out and from the ground up"! We consist of costumers and crafters of all skill levels interested in research, documentation, design & construction of clothing based on those worn before the 17th century in Europe and all cultures in which they had contact. From classes to comptetitions to friendly conversations, the Guild works to provide an encouraging community for crafters year round.

Competitions are traditionally held at 12th Night ("court", or formal attire), May Crown or July Coronation (accessories such as hats), and September Crown ("tourneywear", or working/outdoor attire). These competitions are open to all, with separate divisions typically based on experience level. Not sure if competition is right for you? The Guild also hosts challenges at various events throughout the Kingdom.

Our periodic newsletter is the FTSO (From the Skin Out) and is available on the website. Articles are gladly accepted by the FTSO editor.

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