Greetings gentle cousins from Lord Emryn Lioncourt, squire to Earl Sir Edward Ian Anderson,

It is with great pride that I announce the release of the much-anticipated CD to benefit Duke Tjorkill's hospital fund. Duke Tjorkill Kanne is a man whom we all respect and admire for his prowess upon the field and his skill as a king of AnTir. When I heard of his illness, I knew there was a way I could help. I gathered some of AnTir's greatest musicians to perform on a CD.

Some of the greatest musicians in AnTir generously donated their time to perform on the CD. These artists include: Master Grendal, Ollamh Conchobar Clarsair, Dame Bridget O'Fearghail, Dame Arwen Lioncourt, Honorable Lady Qada'an Nachin, and the choral group Chant Joyeux. The cover art is worth the price of the CD alone! Titus Antonius Archaeleus, Proconsul Trium Montium, designed the original cover art. His skills are legendary!

All of the songs on the CD are period, or have "a period feel". The CD has been professionally mastered by Phantom Recording Studios on a Mackie 24-track recording system and duplicated by SuperDigital using an injection mold. In other words, this is a high-quality, professionally produced CD. We all agreed that we would donate our time to this project to show our utmost respect for His Grace and all that he has done for this kingdom. We feel that this is a humble tribute to him, and we hope that you will enjoy it.

The CD costs $12, $10 goes directly to Duke Tjorkill to offset his hospital bills and $2 goes toward the cost of CD duplication.

Please consider purchasing a copy of the CD (or several to give as gifts!) to support a peer of the realm who has provided great support to our kingdom for so many years.

If you have any questions, please contact me directly.

In Service to Crown and Kingdom,

Lord Emryn Lioncourt
mka Steve Berry
Phantom Recording Studios/Arwendell Records or call 503-256-8619

Song List:
Song Artist
Introduction Emryn Lioncourt
The Agincourt Carol Chant Joyeux
The Fox Qada'an Nachin
Bantiarna Conchobar Clarsair
A Lamento Di Tristan/The Loratta Grendel
The Trees, They Grow High Qada'an Nachin
Dindirin Dindarin Chant Joyeux
Aya Zein Arwen & Emryn Lioncourt
The Fisherman's Song Bridget O'Fearghail
The Frog Grendel
Gaudeté Chant Joyeux
Wild Roving Bridget O'Fearghail
Asa's Dream Conchobar Clarsair
Conn's Song Qada'an Nachin
The Ladies of An Tir Arwen Lioncourt

And here's the lyrics...