Mira Silverlock
My persona, Mira Silverlock, was born Anatolian Turkoman in 1540, then married young to a Turkish tentmaker in Istanbul, in the reign of Suleyman the Lawgiver.  Her husband recently died in one of the fires that sometimes break out in the city, and she now runs the tentmaking shop.    Mira speaks Turkish, Arabic and French, but struggles to read Arabic. She enjoys time spent in her garden, and is especially proud of the fish pond near her cucumber patch.

She is a member of Ulfredsheim, a household of dear friends.  Mira, a devout Muslim, tends to be appalled at how much pork and beer they consume, but has such high regard for their character that she is very tolerant of their foreign gods and odd habits.  How she wound up among so many Scythians and Norse and Celts and Kazaks she has NO idea...  The fact that her name sounds more suited to someone living farther north is a puzzlement as well (it has something to do with a persona change after people already knew her by the original name, but she doesn't really understand that).

In the SCA, I live in the Kingdom of An Tir,  in the Barony of Three Mountains (Portland, Oregon).   I began in the SCA in 1984, and was elevated to to the Order of the Laurel in 2001. Laurel ceremony pics here if you want to see them.    I am also a court baroness, so you'll hear me called both Dame Mira or Baroness Mira.  I love to travel and to teach, and try to make it to Pennsic and Estrella as often as possible.  I've been privileged  to meet many people through my travels, this website, the Medieval Encampments email list,  and the An Tir Nomads.  I usually take my drop spindle with me to events, so I can sit and chat while I do my handwork, as I find embroidery or needlework too distracting from a good conversation.  Newest interests include woodworking, and I'm starting relief carving as well.  I was able to travel to Istanbul in summer of 2001, and it was a thrill to do so much research in Topkapi palace and the surrounding area. I learned a great deal about Turkish clothing, but my primary purpose in going was for the exhibit of the Sultans' tents they had on site. It was amazing!

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