This letter has been around the Knowne World at least seven times. It has been to many kingdoms. Now it has come to you. It will bring you good fortune. This is true even if you don't believe it. But you must follow these instructions:

Include in your next documentation the citations below.

Remove the first citation from the list and add a citation to your documentation at the bottom.

Make ten copies and send them to friends.

Within one year, you will be cited up to 10,000 times! This will amaze your fellow researchers, assure your elevation to the peerage, and improve your sex life. In addition, you will bring joy to many gentles. Do not break the reference loop, but send this letter on today.

In the Kingdom of the West, Snorri Elfbane received this letter and within a year after passing it on he became a triple peer, even though he doesn't actually fight or do arts or service or much of anything else. In fact, he can usually be found at events seated in a lawn chair swilling Budweiser in front of a wall of blue plastic totes while his ill-mannered children run amok. Master William Whatshisface on the other hand, an exemplar of scholarship and chivalry, threw this letter away and was given a 3rd-level banishment shortly thereafter.

In Ansteorra, Lord Harald Ratbiter received this letter and put it aside. His article for his branch newsletter was rejected. He later found the letter and passed it on, and his article was published that year in Tournaments Illuminated.

In Ealdormere, HL John the Dead got that way by passing on his chance to take part in this worthy enterprise. And in the Midrealm, Mistress Ysabell the Flatulant failed to pass on the letter, and was seriously injured in a bizarre culinary accident involving a clay oven, a turnip and a trebuchet. This could happen to you if you break the chain of citations.

1. Millertime, Lady Bambi. (2001). Post-Renaissance neo-utopianism and the history of bottled beer. Bogus Artifacts Journal, 8, 113-117.

2. Johnson, Master Rod "the Short". (2001). First thing in the morning - the irresistable call of the biffy. Sanitation Quarterly, 33, 203-220.

3. Anderson, Lord Randy (2001). Your pavilion or mine?: an empirical comparison of two models of human mating behavior. Journal of Medievaloid Psychology 12, 63-77.

4. Baryshonohevowitz, HL Michael Yadayada etc. (2002). Period Approaches to Chaotic Heuristic Optimization: Means of Analyzing Non-Linear Intelligent Networks with Emergent Symbolic Structure, with an emphasis on the relative command and communication structure of the English and French armies at Agincourt. 738 pp. (a paper for Collegium Occidentalis' event at the Incipient Shire of Santa Royale El Camino del Rey Mar Vista by-the-sea.)