Costumer's Guild Challenges
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The purpose of the Journeyman level is to demonstrate a broad knowledge of costuming within the generally accepted SCA time period.


Do all eleven of the following:

  1. Pass the Journeyman Written Test. The test is a multiple choice format test that is a broad survey of costume and costume-related textile information from the generally accepted SCA time period. The minimum passing score is 80%. You can view the test by appointment prior to taking it, so that you can get an idea of the areas of study. The test may not be copied or taken away from the viewing area. If you do not pass the test the first time, you can take it again, but not on the same day.
  2. Present ten entries:
  1. Limitations on the entries:


Location and Culture

pre-600 600-899 900-1199 1200-1399 1400-1499 1500-1549 1550-1599 1600-1650
British Isles                
France and the Low Countries                
Germanic Cultures                
Iberian Peninsula                
Italian Peninsula                
Middle Eastern/North Africa/ Greece                
Slavic Cultures/Eastern Europe/ Russia                
Eastern Asia/Nomad                
Other/None of the above                


Garments and Accessories

  1. Workmanship requirements:
    • The object demonstrates the period color, surface design, texture, and fabric choice, with explanations for any substitutions.
    • A proper silhouette is achieved with period cut and knowledge of period construction techniques.
    • Fit and ability to move in the garment is appropriate to the time period.
    • Finishing techniques are appropriate to the time period.
    • Embellishment, or lack thereof, is appropriate to the time and place of the garment or accessory.
  2. Documentation minimum requirements:
    • Images of two relevant primary sources that you used as the basis for your garment or accessory.
    • A two-page written summary of your project
    • A bibliography of the sources you used to research your garment or accessory.

Teaching and Writing Category

  1. Write an article for the Guild Newsletter (FTSO). The article must be one of the following:
    • A costuming or textile related article of 500 words or more.
    • An annotated bibliography of at least 12 books on a specific costuming or textile subject.
    • A book review of approximately 500 words on a costuming or textile art book.
  1. Provide instruction on a costume or costume-related textile arts subject for a minimum of one hour. This includes teaching one-on-one or teaching a class at the Local (Barony or Shire), Kingdom, or National (for example, at Pennsic or an International Conference) level. Teaching one-on-one requires a written statement from the student that includes what you taught, the location, and date. If you taught a class at an event, provide the class title, event title, location, and date taught.

Other Category

  • Take a class. The class must be on a subject related to costuming or costume-related textile arts. Consult the grid and note the limitations on the class subjects, as listed in the Requirements section. Provide the title of the class, the name of the teacher, the location or event name, and the date when the class was taken.
  • Enter a contest. Enter a Costume, an Accessory, or a Research Paper related to costuming or costume-related textile arts in a Local (Barony or Shire) or Kingdom-level Contest. Provide the name of the contest, the location, the date, and the item that you entered. Note that you may not use the same item that you entered in the contest as one of your garments, accessories, or research papers for this level.
  • Perform service for the Guild. Volunteer your time for a Costumers Guild event or activity, or serve as a Costumers Guild Officer or Deputy. Provide the type and amount of service rendered. Eight hours of service is the minimum and may be done over several events.
  • Be a Student Judge at a Kingdom level contest. Student judge a minimum of 8 hours at a Kingdom Costumers Guild Contest or Student judge entries in the costuming or costume-related textile arts at Kingdom A&S. This may be done over multiple events.

Level Emblem

In addition to the Junior Student and Senior Student augmentations, the challenger who completes the Journeyman level is entitled to wear a Malachite gem.

Additional Information

See detailed information for the other levels: [Junior Student], [Senior Student], and [Scholar].

See the Appendices for a glossary of terms and other information.

Please contact the Challenges Coordinator if you have any questions.



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