Costumer's Guild Challenges
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The purpose of the Scholar level is to demonstrate in-depth excellence in costuming for a single culture and time period.


Do all fifteen of the following that comprise or are related to the production of a complete outfit for a single individual.

Limitations on the entries:


Garments and Accessories

  1. Workmanship requirements:
    • The object demonstrates the period color, surface design, texture, and fabric choice, with explanations for any substitutions.
    • A proper silhouette is achieved with period cut and knowledge of period construction techniques.
    • Fit and ability to move in the garment is appropriate to the time period.
    • Finishing techniques are appropriate to the time period.
    • Embellishment, or lack thereof, is appropriate to the time and place of the garment or accessory.
  1. Documentation minimum requirements:
    • Images of three relevant primary sources that you used as the basis for your garment or accessory.
    • A three-page written summary of your project
    • A bibliography of the sources you used to research your garment or accessory.

Teaching and Writing Category

  1. Write an article for the Guild Newsletter (FTSO). The article must be one of the following:
    • A costuming or textile related article in your Focus Area of 800 words or more.
    • An annotated bibliography of at least 15 books on a specific costuming or textile subject in your Focus Area.
    • A book review of approximately 800 words on a costuming or textile art book in your Focus Area.
  1. Provide instruction on a costume or costume-related textile arts subject in your Focus Area for a minimum of two hours. This includes teaching one-on-one to a minimum of five people, or teaching a class of at least two hours duration at the Local (Barony or Shire), Kingdom, or National (for example, at Pennsic or an International Conference) level. Teaching one-on-one requires a written statement from each student that includes what you taught, the location, and date. If you taught a class at an event, provide the class title, event title, location, and date taught.

Other Category

Level Emblem

The challenger is given a different gem each time the Scholar level is achieved:

  1. Lapis
  2. Carnelian
  3. Amber
  4. Amethyst
  5. Topaz
  6. Garnet
  7. Tourmaline
  8. Ruby
  9. Emerald
  10. Diamond

Additional Information

See the Appendices for a glossary of terms and other information.

Please contact the Challenges Coordinator if you have any questions.



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